Friday, May 11, 2012

What misconceptions should be avoided while writing a good dissertation proposal?

The aim of writing a proposal for dissertation is getting it approved and that is how the effectiveness of a proposal is determined. So when you start thinking of writing it, bear this aim in mind and write accordingly. Think what you would like to find in a research proposal for it to be accepted and what it should cover. Many students have several misconceptions about a proposal for a thesis and these have to be avoided and clarified at all costs. A proposal is just a temporary document and not the desired aim it is just serves as a path to accomplishing the major aim.  Secondly, a proposal for an exposition or research is not an essay and should never be written like one. There is a specific structure which should be followed and many universities provide an outline of how it should be written. You basically have to propose what you will be researching, what your aim will be and how you plan to accomplish that aim. Furthermore, a proposal is just that and not a short thesis and should never be written like a thesis report. Each section of the dissertation proposal should propose some element of the research rather than explaining the research itself.

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