Friday, May 25, 2012

How you can prepare a critical and effective literature review by using examples?

The most beneficial and necessary chapter in a thesis is the literature review dissertation chapter without which the document will not be a thesis at all. This is why the highest number of pages and marks are allocated to this chapter. Thus, it is quite important to complete the chapter in an effective manner and free from any errors whatsoever. The most common problem that students face while writing this chapter is that they are not critical enough and supervisors keep making comments that they should be more critical. Writing critically basically implies highlighting the weaknesses and strengths in any literature included in the reading phase of the research. If you are unable to write critically or feel that you cannot complete the chapter effectively it is a very good idea to use some examples and samples of previously complete reviews. You will be able to identify the style of writing the chapter critically and effectively by reading various examples. The samples on a specific topic will also enable you to understand the specific structure that the literature review chapter in a dissertation should follow.

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