Friday, May 18, 2012

The significance of planning in the finance dissertation writing process

Planning effectively and in advance enables us to complete any activities and tasks in a very effective manner. Even though people may get work done without proper planning but it will never be as effective as the work which is done after proper and thorough planning. It is equally to plan for a thesis in finance dissertation as you will never have ample time when you are writing the report. Planning will enable you to predict the time it may take to complete the report and also identify the problems which may be faced throughout the process.  Even though students do not realize it but planning is one of the necessary phases of a research and finance dissertation. You can design a comprehensive time table and Gantt chart to enable you to understand how much time will be required for the specific stages of the process and you can set individual deadlines for these stages. The primary thing to remember while preparing this time table is to keep a margin of delays due to unforeseen circumstances. Your final completion deadline should have a gap of at least ten days before the submission deadline so there is ample room for any final amendments, changes or revisions. You also have to consider the fact that a specific number of days will be required for the printing and binding of the report. 

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