Monday, May 21, 2012

The advantages of getting samples before starting a management dissertation

There are many issues that students encounter before and during the writing process of a management dissertation and most of these issues are associated with the lack of awareness regarding the format, style and structure of the report. Although universities provide comprehensive guidance and training for the process but even then students are unable to complete it effectively as they usually do not have experience of writing such a report. This is why it is much better to acquire samples of dissertations in management before starting to write it. The primary advantage is that students can easily understand the various styles and formats of writing the report in an effective manner and can also understand how the report should be structured. The samples can be used to enhance knowledge about the various chapters and how these chapters should be completed in the final report and what should be included within them. Appropriate citation and referencing is also important but students also have many problems in this regard and samples can prove to be quite beneficial for understanding various types of citation styles such as Harvard and APA.

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