Thursday, May 24, 2012

The simplest yet most effective procedure to prepare a research methodology for a dissertation

Preparing a dissertation research methodology for a dissertation may sound easy but is quite difficult in practice and if it is not done properly, it will affect the quality of the chapter and will also have adverse effects on the overall outcome of the research. On the other hand if a few simple procedures and steps are followed it can be completed very easily and effectively. The person who is preparing the methodology for a research first has to clearly understand the various approaches, methods, tools, procedures and techniques of conducting a research and collecting and analyzing data throughout the research. Once all of these have been clearly understood the researcher needs to identify the weaknesses and strengths and then select the most suitable, relevant and reliable methods. Not only do these methods have to be selected carefully, they also have to be presented in an effective manner to enable the reader to understand how the research was specifically conducted. The advantages and disadvantages which were reviewed by the writer while selecting the methods should also be presented in the chapter to increase reliability and effectiveness.

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