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EPP: Topics of Master's Dissertation

Topics of Master's Dissertation
Yann Algan

1. Ethnic diversity and economic integration
2. Social Capital and Institutions
3. Experimental economics: trust and inequality

Pierre Cahuc

1. Accumulation of mandate and parliamentary activity. The purpose of this research is to study the cumulative impact of mandates on parliamentary activity using the existing academic work but also collecting and using data on France in collaboration with researchers from the CREST
2. The economic consequences of the tax exemption of overtime. The purpose of this research is to examine the consequences of tax exemption devices overtime introduced in France in 2007. Some of the work will be to make a synthesis of theoretical and empirical work on the subject of overtime. Another part will assess the impact of the French from existing surveys.
3. Economy réforme.Les policy reforms, when implemented, réusssissent more or less. The purpose of this research is to analyze contributions from recent triggers reforms and their conditions réusssite. The available databases will be used to test hypotheses.

Deffains Bruno

1. Moral sentiments and legal rules: complements or substitutes
2. The efficiency of class actions
3. The socio-economic determinants of crime in European Countries
4. The effects of prisons on crime conditons
5. Should punishment fit the crime
6. The role of civil liability in the Prevention of Environmental Risks
7. The ecoomics of commercial justice
8. The regulation of legal professions in Europe
9. The efficiency of the procedure Accusatory
10. The harmonization of contract law in the European Union
11. The role of alternative dispute resolution in Competition Law

Denis Fougère

1. Unemployment and crime
2. The impact of immigration on employment and wages of unskilled workers
3. Students do they get better in school when their class size is reduced?

Robert Gary Bobo

1. Reorganization of work and careers in the old public monopolies deregulation: incentives and economics staff
2. Effectiveness and budgetary costs of representative political institutions: France and International Comparisons
3. The general revision of public policies in France: analysis of economic reforms underway

Pauline Givord

1. The reduction in VAT in restaurants: effects expected and theoretical evaluation of price effects observed
2. Impacts of a premium to scrap the car market

Huillery Elise

1. The quality of schools and pupils' performance in Niger
2. Prevention against HIV and sexual behavior policies in Africa
3. Human capital, social capital and entrepreneurship

Yukio Koriyama and Jean Francois Laslier

1. Information aggregation through voting
2. Voluntary contributions in public good provision
3. Downsian electoral competition

Philippe Martin

1. Subprime crisis and bonus: there is a link t it? An empirical analysis based on bank losses The idea is based on published data losses on banks and on bonuses they paid in previous years to analyze whether the amount and structure of the bonus was a impact on their decision rsique and their losses during the crisis, see this paper a methodology neighbor 202009 & aid = 4
2. Is there a link between systems of social insurance, savings and current account? Motivation is often repeated the idea that China has a savings rate very high and very current account surplus (global imbalances) because of the lack of a social insurance system. What is the empirical evidence on this issue?
3. What impact of trade integration at the regional level during the crisis? Insurance or amplification mechanism?
4. The IMF can provide it against some emerging effects of financial crises and thus less incentive to accumulate reserves?
A theoretical analysis and / or empirical
5. The Euro Has there been a protective role during the crisis: an empirical analysis.

Thierry Mayer

1. Official development assistance and direct investment in poor countries
2. International Trade and epidemics
3. Network effects in international trade: an application to the case of French expatriates

Benoît Mojon

1. A mickey mouse version of the Christiano, Motto Rostgno model
2. Output composition and a great moderation post-mortem
3. Cost and benefits of alternative policies macroprudential

Mordacq Franck

1. Managerial responsibility within the State
2. The development of internal audit within the State
3. Managerial accountability and reduction of controls within the State

Sandra Poncet

1. The impact of migration on the governance of the origin country
2. Foreign direct investment and export performance of the recipient country
3. Location Corruption, Inequality and Development

Etienne Wasmer

1. Labor Market and Housing Market regulations. Labor and housing markets interact with each other. Regulations in the housing sector may affect mobilityand in turn affect the determination of equilibrium unemployment. Exploiting cross-country or cross-regional variations in the stringency of regulations, the research should try understand the linkages between the two markets and in turn, proposes reforms in the housing market.
2. Labor Market Dynamics, Housing Market Dynamics. The collapse in housing markets is traditionnally associated with a decline in sales. Owners are reluctant to accept losses and prefer to differ dirty. This leads to a decline in mobility and perhaps Reinforce the rise in unemployment. The research should survey the empirical evidence and explores the theoretical explanations behind the reluctance of owners to sell in downturn.
3. The political economy of land and agricultural incomes in France. France is one of the largest exporters of agricultural goods. Land and crops are owned by different types of individuals. The ownership of land is a factor of political power and lobbying power of that is still not well understood. The research will document the distribution of wealth and land ownership in France, and identify empirical regularities.
4. Financial imperfections and volatility of economies. Financial imperfections seem to raise volatility of GDP, for a variety of reasons. The research will survey the different explanations, and attempt to identify the most relevant ones. In particular, one source of imperfection seems to be the regulation of bankrupticies, that varies quite dramatically from one country to another.
5. Judgments of the Court of Cassation. This memorial will be dedicated to the study of the jurisprudence of the Courts of Appeal and the Court of Cassation, with data made available by this institution as privileged. The research will be part of a working multi-disciplinary co-directed by Danny Cohen, a law professor at Sciences Po Three topics will be addressed more specifically: judgments concerning contentious rental; judgments concertante Law bankruptcies, judgments, and finally on the right to receive vocational training and maintenance of employablité.

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