Monday, May 28, 2012

How can you formulate a topic for an MBA dissertation?

An MBA dissertation is always completed on a specific topic and it plays a very major role in the effectiveness of the research and the underlying report along with the final outcome. Therefore, the topic has to be chosen in such a way that it makes the research and relevant report interesting and new for any reader. There are many ways in which the topic can be formulated and the primary thing you should do is to visualize what interests you most. You should select a specific discipline of research which is interesting for you and you believe that researching in that area will be quite easy and effective. Once you know the specific discipline the best option is to search for previously completed researches and analyze any gaps present in them. You can also read the suggestions for further analysis in those reports and derive a topic from that. You should also try to examine any recent discussions or debates through newspapers and discussion forums. You should also look for some sample topics which can give you an idea for your own topic. Once you have devised four to five topics show them to your supervisor and ask for suggestions and eventually you can formulate a very good topic for your MBA dissertation proposal.

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