Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How can you write an effective literature review by obtaining sample or examples?

The literature review chapter carries primary significance in any research irrelative of the subject area and topic of the research. The chapter basically strengthens the results and observations of the researcher through similar or contrary findings of previous researches. Therefore it is essential that the chapter be written in an effective and efficient manner which enables the reader to associate a specific research with researches carried out in the past. Writing a review of literature is a new experience for many individuals and you can face several problems while writing the chapter and many people do not even know how to get started. This problem can be solved quite easily by obtaining examples or samples of various reviews from different sources. The best way to search for these samples is searching on the internet where you can find hundreds of samples which can be used to understand how to write and complete the chapter effectively. If you are able to find samples on a topic similar to yours, you can understand how various writers have attempted to review the literature in different ways. These samples also enable you to generate ideas on what to include in the chapter and how to analyze the various sources of literature critically in an effective manner.

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