Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What does a research methodology chapter actually present in a dissertation?

A dissertation is a comprehensive report which explains the various aspects of a research which has been conducted on a specific topic or theme. As it explains the various aspects of the research it should also portray how the researcher went about collecting and analyzing data from various sources. This is presented in the research methodology chapter of the dissertation where the researcher explains the tools and techniques of collected and analyzing data and the sources from which the data has been collected. This chapter of the dissertation basically presents an explanation of all the methods, paradigms, approaches, techniques and sources of data the researcher has used during various phases of the research.  The methodology chapter helps a reader of the dissertation to understand how the actual research was conducted and whether the methods of research were relevant and reliable or not in order to conclude if the research as a whole is reliable or not. If the methods are not explained in a proper fashion a reader will never actually understand if the outcome of the research is genuine and reliable. Therefore it is imperative that a good dissertation always have an appropriately written methodology of research chapter embedded within the report before the actual results and observations are discussed.

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