Saturday, May 12, 2012

The significance of planning before and during an MBA dissertation

There is not a single person who would disagree about the importance of planning in any aspect of life and it is equally important when it comes to an MBA dissertation topic.The chances of receiving a distinction can be increased significantly by planning before and during the writing process for a dissertation for MBA level. Writing a dissertation is a comprehensive process and thus requires a lot of planning not only before the actual process but during the various phases of the process as well. Planning before the process starts enables a student to avoid missing deadlines for the various phases and acquire any skills or resources which may be required throughout the process rather than worrying about it at the last minute. Each stage should be planned effectively and this is important not only before the initial stage of topic selection but before each of the phases such as writing a proposal and writing individual chapters of the MBA dissertation. An effective plan should be structured around a time table which should comprehensively explain in detail what activities will be performed at what dates and deadlines should be set for all of the stages. The final deadline for completing the dissertation for MBA should be set much earlier than the final submission deadline to keep room for any changes to be made in the final stage.

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