Friday, May 11, 2012

Tips for devising an effective plan for completing a dissertation within the deadline

Writing a dissertation is one of the most important tasks for a student as achieving a degree is impossible today without successfully completing the research project. A primary mistake made by students for this comprehensive process is that they do not plan it out and leave everything to the last minute.Successfully completing an exposition within a deadline and receiving a distinction depends entirely on an effective plan made well in advance of the process. The first stage is the topic selection phase and it should be ensured that the selection be made in a fashion such that it intrigues the reader and is quite easy to accomplish. Universities always provide a guideline for performing a research and preparing a dissertation and reading the entire handbook or guideline carefully should be on the priority list.A personal deadline much earlier than the deadline stipulated by the univergsity should be set in order to avoid any complications at the eleventh hour.There should be ample gap between the personal and actual deadline to allow for any late changes or revisions. A deadline should then be set for each phase of the research and each of the chapters of the dissertation.Leisure activities should be minimized if not avoided and a fail check system should be in place if you miss a deadline for a specific chapter. Remember to follow the plan strictly and deal with the thesis one step at a time rather than considering it a very cumbersome and exhaustive task.

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