Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to ensure that your dissertation proposal gets approved by the supervisor?

The acceptance or rejection of a proffer for a research is dependent on several factors and some of the most important factors include the quality of written material, selected topic or area of research, the aims and objectives the researcher expects to accomplish and the methodology proposed for conducting the research. If you want to ensure that your dissertation proposal will definitely be approved by your supervisor then you need to focus on all of these aspects. You should maintain a high quality and standard of writing while preparing this very important document and the area of research or topic you choose should be very interesting and provide ample room for research. Your aims and objectives should be clearly written and should be achievable within the time frame allotted for the research and relevant report. The methodology you propose for collecting and analyzing data should also be effective and all tools, techniques or methods you plan to use should be explained explicably.

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